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Motoring and Driving Advice

Advice and tips

There's no such thing as a perfect driver or motorist. We can all learn a thing or two more. Visit our advice section for tips and features to help you become a better motorist, including winter driving tips, maximising your fuel economy, preparing your car before setting out, and basic car safety tips.

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SMS Traffic Alerts

Alerts by Mobile Phone

Get the latest traffic and travel conditions for your journey or region by using our SMS alerts direct to your phone.

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Emergency Help & Advice

Information and advice about the emergency services, breakdowns, what to do in the case of an accident and more...

Emergency Advice


National and Regional Weather Forecasts

National & Regional Weather

Local weather forecasts for the next five days, including weather alerts from the Met Office, to help make your driving safer and more pleasurable.

Local Weather

Car Insurance

Car Insurance Advice

Car Insurance Advice

Don't let car insurance be a minefield. Let us help you out by choosing a cheap car insurance policy and reducing your insurance premiums.

Book an MOT

MOT and Servicing

Buying a new car

Buying a new car

There's no better feeling than buying a brand new car. We show you what to look out for, how to get the best deals and other useful advice.

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Car Maintenance

Car and Vehicle Maintenance

Car Maintenance and Repair

Making minor repairs and maintenance isn't as dauting as you'd think. We show you the basics of looking after your car to keep it tip-top.

Car maintenance

Driving Tips

Car Driving Tips

Car Driving Tips

Really useful tips and advice how to get the best from your vehicle, including fuel economy, safety, driving advice and help in emergencies.

Driving Tips


Crazy Drivers

Crazy Driver Videos

Breathtaking videos of drivers being incredibly stupid, brave or downright crazy. Don't attempt any of these stupid stunts in your own car!

Watch crazy drivers