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Receive email alerts whenever there is a new incident on the roads you travel regularly.

Traffic News Via Email

Avoid the traffic congestion by being one of the first to know of an accident, congestion or incident that may affect your journey.

Our free email alert service will send you an email whenever the status of a road changes. If we become aware of an incident that is affecting your choice of roads/motorways, then our system will automatically send you an alert by email so you can take the necessary action.

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Email Alerts

Be the first to know about accidents, traffic jams and road closures

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Receive information about traffic incidents direct by email as they happen. Avoid accidents and traffic jams by being aware of them straight away.

Our free email alert service is great for regular commuters, sales teams and drivers.

Just enter your email address to create a new alert, and then specify the roads or motorways you want to receive email alerts for when requested:


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To display the latest traffic conditions on your website or blog, why not try out our Traffic Update Widget.

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