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A1 (N)

Roadworks 1.7m NE of

A52 & B1174 Grantham (north)

A52 (W)

Roadworks 5.4m E of

A46 & A6011

A52 (E)

Roadworks 5.4m E of

A6011 & A46

A1 (S)

Roadworks 3m N of

B6326 & B1174 Grantham (north)

A1 (N)

Roadworks 3.1m N of

B1174 Grantham (north) & B6326

A1 (N)

Roadworks 2m NW of

A606 & B1081 Stamford (north)

Traffic Grantham


Expired Incidents

A1 Southbound

Vehicle on Fire - A1 southbound between B6326 and B1174 near Grantham (north) | Southbound | Vehicle on Fire (2.99m N of Bottesford, Lincolnshire)

On the A1 southbound between the junctions with the A46 and the A52, there are currently delays of 10 mins due to a vehicle on fire closing one lane. Normal traffic conditions expected from 12:30 am on 29 July 2014.

First report: 28 July 2014 19:10
Incident cleared: 28 July 2014 23:50
Map location: 52.982,-0.7516

A46 Northbound

Minor Disruption - up to 15 minutes delay - A46 northbound between B6166 and A617 | Northbound | Congestion (0.86m NW of Newark, Nottinghamshire)

On the A46 from Leicester towards Lincoln between the junctions with the A6097 and the A1, there are currently delays of 10 mins due to heavy traffic . Normal traffic conditions expected from 12:15 pm.

First report: 26 July 2014 11:30
Incident cleared: 26 July 2014 12:20
Map location: 53.0756,-0.8311

A1 Southbound

Minor Disruption - up to 15 minutes delay - A1 southbound between A151 and B668 | Southbound | Congestion (0.27m NE of North Witham, Lincolnshire)

On the A1 southbound between the junctions with the A151 and the A606, there are currently delays of 10 mins due to heavy traffic . Normal traffic conditions expected from 9:00 pm.

First report: 27 July 2014 20:10
Incident cleared: 27 July 2014 20:30
Map location: 52.7686,-0.6111

A1 Northbound

Roadworks - A1 northbound between B6403 and B1174 near Grantham (south) | Northbound | Roadworks (0.61m SW of Great Ponton, Lincolnshire)

On the A1 northbound between the junctions with the A151 and the A607, minor delays can be expected at peak times due to roadworks closing one lane, from 8 pm on 26 July 2014 to 5 am on 27 July 2014.

First report: 26 July 2014 20:30
Incident cleared: 27 July 2014 03:00
Map location: 52.8447,-0.6285

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Major Junctions

The following major junctions are found in the Grantham area:

  • Colsterworth Roundabout
    Colsterworth, Lincolnshire
    Connecting roads: A1 | A151 | B676 Bourne Road
  • Carholme Roundabout
    Lincoln, Lincolnshire
    Connecting roads: A46 | A57 Saxiby Road
  • Newton Bar
    Newton, Lincolnshire
    Connecting roads: A52 | unclass.
  • Gonerby Moor Roundabout
    Grantham, Lincolnshire
    Connecting roads: A1 | B1174

Regional Weather

Today's weather (Tuesday) in Nottingham will bring sunny with a maximum daytime temperature of 77°f and a night time temperature of 51°f (25°c/10°c). Wind will be coming in from the WNW, reaching 12mph.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) will bring sunny intervals , with wind reaching 8 miles per hour from the WNW. Daytime temperatures will reach 74°f, and during the night the temperature will drop to around 50°f (23°c/10°c).

Wind from the WSW will reach 8 mph in Nottingham on Thursday, with sunny intervals in the area. Temperatures during the day will reach 71°f, and 50°f overnight (21°c/11°c).

Friday's weather will be sunny intervals in Nottingham, with daytime temperatures reaching a maximum of 73°f, and night-time temperatures reaching a low of 73°f (22°c/13°c).

29 JULsunny
MAX 77° (25°c)
MIN 51° (10°c)
WIND 12mph (WNW)
30 JULsunny intervals
MAX 74° (23°c)
MIN 50° (10°c)
WIND 8mph (WNW)
31 JULsunny intervals
MAX 71° (21°c)
MIN 52° (11°c)
WIND 8mph (WSW)
1 AUGsunny intervals
MAX 73° (22°c)
MIN 56° (13°c)
WIND 11mph (SSW)

Traffic Bulletins on Radio

Traffic and travel bulletins may be broadcast live from local radio stations in the Grantham area. Tune in your car radio to the following frequencies (or select the TRAFFIC function on your RDS radio (displayed as TA/TP/TI) to automatically switch to traffic updates.

101.9 FMClassic FM (Peterborough)
102.2 FMLincs FM (Lincoln)
102.7 FMHeart 102.7 (Peterborough)
103.0 FM103 The Eye (Melton Mowbray )
103.2 FMMansfield FM (Mansfield)
103.2 FMNorth Norfolk Radio (Bunkers Hill)
97.7-99.8BBC Radio 1
88.1-90.3BBC Radio 2
90.2-92.6BBC Radio 3
92.5-94.7BBC Radio Scotland
92.4-96.8BBC Radio Cymru

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