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South East

A14 (W)Rugby
A40 (E)Uxbridge
A43 (N)Silverstone
A11 (S)Eriswell
M2 (W)Bredhurst
M2 (W)Sittingbourne
M4 (W)Reading
A14 (W)Felixstowe
A12 (N)Chelmsford
A303 (E)Andover
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South West

M5 (S)Alveston
A30 (E)Bodmin
A38 (W)Doublebois
A36 (N)Bath
A303 (E)Tintinhull
A303 (W)Ilchester
A38 (E)Exeter
M4 (W)Alveston
M5 (N)Banwell
A35 (W)West Bay
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A1 (S)Bottesford
A14 (W)Rugby
M5 (S)Staverton
A43 (N)Silverstone
M42 (S)Hampton In Arden
A50 (E)Sudbury
A1 (S)Sandy
A5 (S)Shenstone
M18 (S)Bramley
M5 (N)Droitwich
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North East

A1 (N)Chester
A19 (N)Cramlington
A69 (N)Newcastle Upon Tyne
A1 (N)Dinnington
A1 (N)Newcastle Upon Tyne
A1 (N)Kirkby Fleetham
A69 (E)Dalton
A64 (N)York
A19 (N)Billingham
A1 (N)Morpeth
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North West

M67 (W)Denton
A50 (E)Sudbury
M53 (S)Ellesmere Port
M18 (N)Loversall
M67 (W)Ashton
M6 (N)Barthomley
M6 (N)Samlesbury
M18 (N)Braithwell
M6 (N)Warrington
M18 (N)Goole
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A1 (S)Eyemouth
A725 (N)Uddingston
M77 (N)Govan
A82 (N)Inversnaid
A720 (N)Queensferry
A1(A1068) (N)Beal
A86 (N)Kingussie
A9 (N)Inverness
M8 (N)Bailleston
A92 (N)Thornton
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Petrol Prices

Petrol and Fuel Prices

The above petrol and fuel prices can be found at petrol stations in the Birmingham (West Midlands) area, and include unleaded, diesel, super and LPG fuel prices.

To view petrol prices and traffic news for other UK regions, select a city below:

Traffic Bulletins on Radio

National Radio Stations

The following radio stations may broadcast traffic bulletins for the local area. Use the 'Traffic' function on your RDS radio (marked TA, TP, TI or Traffic) and you will be automatically switched to travel and traffic conditions.

97.7-99.8 FMBBC Radio 1
88.1-90.3 FMBBC Radio 2
90.2-92.6 FMBBC Radio 3
92.5-96.1 FMBBC Radio 4
103.5-104.9 FMBBC Radio 4
92.4-96.8 FMBBC Radio Cymru
103.5-104.9 FMBBC Radio Cymru
103.5-104.9 FMBBC Radio nan Gaidheal
92.5-94.7 FMBBC Radio Scotland

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