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South East

M2 (E)Sittingbourne
A14 (W)Huntingdon
M1 (N)Haversham
M40 (S)Beaconsfield
A1 (S)Peterborough
A11 (S)Eriswell
A14 (E)Newmarket
A12 (N)Coggeshall
A3 (N)Esher
A5 (S)Milton Bryant
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South West

A36 (N)Stockton
A303 (W)Ilchester
M4 (E)Alveston
A35 (W)West Bay
A46 (N)Bath
A38 (W)Brixton
A38 (W)Liskeard
A303 (E)Wincanton
M4 (W)Bristol
M32 (N)Bristol
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M42 (S)Hampton In Arden
M5 (S)Staverton
M42 (S)Redditch
A1 (S)Peterborough
A1 (N)Oakham
M1 (N)Haversham
A1 (N)Stamford
A14 (W)Huntingdon
A50 (W)Castle Donington
A14 (E)Market Harborough
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North East

A1 (N)Dinnington
A1 (N)Gateshead
A1 (N)Durham
A19 (N)Hartlepool
A69 (N)Newcastle Upon Tyne
A1 (N)Morpeth
A19 (N)Cramlington
A19 (N)Jarrow
A1 (N)Newcastle Upon Tyne
A174 (W)Stainton
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North West

M6 (N)Kendal
M67 (W)Ashton
M62 (W)Bury
M62 (W)Rochdale
M61 (S)Eccles
M60 (E)Oldham
M6 (N)Barthomley
M6 (N)Samlesbury
A64 (S)York
M58 (W)Skelmersdale
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Petrol Prices

Petrol and Fuel Prices

The above petrol and fuel prices can be found at petrol stations in the Birmingham (West Midlands) area, and include unleaded, diesel, super and LPG fuel prices.

To view petrol prices and traffic news for other UK regions, select a city below:

Traffic Bulletins on Radio

National Radio Stations

The following radio stations may broadcast traffic bulletins for the local area. Use the 'Traffic' function on your RDS radio (marked TA, TP, TI or Traffic) and you will be automatically switched to travel and traffic conditions.

97.7-99.8 FMBBC Radio 1
88.1-90.3 FMBBC Radio 2
90.2-92.6 FMBBC Radio 3
92.5-96.1 FMBBC Radio 4
103.5-104.9 FMBBC Radio 4
92.4-96.8 FMBBC Radio Cymru
103.5-104.9 FMBBC Radio Cymru
103.5-104.9 FMBBC Radio nan Gaidheal
92.5-94.7 FMBBC Radio Scotland

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