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First engineered in the Iron Age period, roads have had a significant impact on the commercial success of the British Isles.

However, it was the Roman occupation that saw a massive expansion of the road network, with many routes still in place. Major developments between the 1950's and 1990's saw further improvements and expansion.

Prefixed with the letters A and B, primary a-roads in Great Britain are numbered according to the zonal system, and enable motorists to travel to primary and regional destinations. The Highways Agency is responsible for the maintenance of these primary routes and roads, as well as all motorways.

The increase in road traffic has meant an unfortunate rise in traffic accidents and jams, and delays are commonplace for drivers, as are roadworks causing delays to drivers.

Below is a list of all UK A-roads which you can view the latest traffic news, updates and travel reports. Click on a A-Road to view the latest traffic updates, roadworks and delays:

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