Traffic news for Falkirk.

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Falkirk traffic news and reports
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Wind ENE
Wind ENE
Wind ENE

The following traffic incidents and roadworks are currently being reported within 25 miles of Falkirk:

    Nearby Roads
      Text TRAFFIC to 68899 for live traffic news
      Traffic Legend

      A725 N/a

      Caution roadworks - Start Date: Monday, 14 April 2014 - 00:00 End Date: Monday, 28 April 2014 - 00:00

      15.29 miles away
      Reported: 21/04/2014 05:30:03
      By: Highways Agency

      M9 N/a

      All lanes restricted in both directions for up to 15 minutes

      5.62 miles away
      Reported: 21/04/2014 05:30:03
      By: Highways Agency

      A9 N/a

      Caution roadworks - Start Date: Sunday, 13 April 2014 - 00:00 End Date: Thursday, 24 April 2014 - 00:00

      19.08 miles away
      Reported: 21/04/2014 05:30:03
      By: Highways Agency

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      Local Petrol Stations

      Petrol and Fuel Prices

      The above petrol and fuel prices can be found at petrol stations in the Falkirk area, and include unleaded, diesel, super and LPG fuel prices.

      Regional Weather Forecast

      Tomorrow's weather (Monday) in Motherwell will see sunny with a maximum daytime temperature of 62°f and a night time temperature of 43°f (16°c/6°c). Wind will be coming in from the ENE, reaching 17mph.

      Tomorrow (Tuesday) will see white cloud , with wind reaching 18 miles per hour from the ENE. Daytime temperatures will reach 57°f, and during the night the temperature will drop to around 45°f (13°c/7°c).

      Wind from the SE will reach 10 mph in Motherwell on Wednesday, with white cloud in the area. Temperatures during the day will reach 61°f, and 45°f overnight (16°c/7°c).

      Thursday's weather will be cloudy with light rain in Motherwell, with daytime temperatures reaching a maximum of 57°f, and night-time temperatures reaching a low of 57°f (13°c/1°c).

      21 APR
      MAX 62° (16°c)
      MIN 43° (6°c)
      WIND 17mph (ENE)
      22 APR
      MAX 57° (13°c)
      MIN 45° (7°c)
      WIND 18mph (ENE)
      23 APR
      MAX 61° (16°c)
      MIN 45° (7°c)
      WIND 10mph (SE)
      24 APR
      MAX 57° (13°c)
      MIN 34° (1°c)
      WIND 5mph (SSE)

      Local Radio Stations

      Local Radio Stations

      The following radio stations may broadcast traffic and travel bulletins for the Falkirk area. Use the 'Traffic' function on your RDS radio (marked TA, TP, TI or Traffic) and you will be automatically switched to travel and traffic conditions.

      100.0 FMReal Radio Scotland (Glasgow)
      100.2 FMClassic FM (Douglas)
      100.8 FMRevival FM (Cumbernauld)
      101.0 FMInsight (Glasgow)
      102.2 FMForth One (Penicuik)
      102.4 FMEnergy FM (Douglas)

      Local Police

      Local Police

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      Breakdown Recovery

      Garages & MOT Testing Stations

      Car Repairs and Garages

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      Ordnance Survey Road Maps

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