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Expired Incidents

  • 20 August 2014 12:20

    Broken Down Vehicle - A30 westbound between A3047 near Camborne (east) and A3047 near Camborne (west) | Westbound | Broken Down Vehicle (3.28m N of Redruth, Cornwall)

    On the A30 from Honiton towards Penzance between the junctions with the A3047 Camborne East and the A3047 Camborne West, minor delays due to a broken down vehicle closing one lane. Normal traffic conditions expected from 2:45 pm.

    First report: 20 August 2014 12:20
    Incident cleared: 20 August 2014 14:22
    Map location: 50.2231,-5.3005

  • 21 August 2014 18:10

    Minor Disruption - up to 15 minutes delay - A30 westbound between A39 near Newquay (west) and A390 | Westbound | Overturned Vehicle (5.29m N of Truro, Cornwall)

    On the A30 from Honiton towards Penzance between the junctions with the A39 South and the A390, there were delays of 15 mins due to an overturned vehicle . Normal traffic conditions expected from 8:00 pm.

    First report: 21 August 2014 18:10
    Incident cleared: 21 August 2014 19:30
    Map location: 50.3379,-5.0533

  • 21 August 2014 09:43

    No Delay - A30 eastbound between A3047 near Redruth (west) and A3047 near Redruth (east) | Eastbound | Bridge or Barrier Repairs (1.56m N of Redruth, Cornwall)

    On the A30 from Penzance towards Honiton between the junctions with the A3047 Redruth West and the A3047 Redruth East, minor delays can be expected at peak times due to barrier repairs , from 9:30 am on 21 August 2014 to 3:30 pm on 21 August 2014.

    First report: 21 August 2014 09:43
    Incident cleared: 21 August 2014 18:00
    Map location: 50.2508,-5.2128

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Major Junctions

The following major junctions are found in the Polgigga area:

  • Tregeseal Cross Roads
    Staggered in St Just in Penwith, Cornwall
    Connecting roads: A3071 | unclass. New Road | unclass., to Numphra
  • Portherras Cross
    Crossroads in Pendeen, Cornwall
    Connecting roads: B3306 St Ives Road | B3318 Boscaswell Downs | unclass. Calartha Road
  • Trevorgans Cross
    Crows-an-Wra, Cornwall
    Connecting roads: A30 | unclass.
  • Pendeen Road Corner
    Newbridge, Cornwall
    Connecting roads: A3071 | B3318
  • Boskenna Cross
    Crossroads in Boskenna, Cornwall
    Connecting roads: B3315 | Rectory Road
  • Tremethick Cross
    Penzance, Cornwall
    Connecting roads: A3071 | unclass.
  • Newlyn Cross Roads
    Newlyn, Cornwall
    Connecting roads: A30 | B3315 The CoombeO | unclass.

Regional Weather

Today's weather (Saturday) in Truro will bring sunny with a maximum daytime temperature of 63°f and a night time temperature of 55°f (17°c/12°c). Wind will be coming in from the NW, reaching 12mph.

Tomorrow (Sunday) will bring sunny intervals , with wind reaching 20 miles per hour from the S. Daytime temperatures will reach 68°f, and during the night the temperature will drop to around 60°f (20°c/15°c).

Wind from the S will reach 23 mph in Truro on Monday, with cloudy with light rain in the area. Temperatures during the day will reach 73°f, and 60°f overnight (22°c/15°c).

Tuesday's weather will be sunny intervals in Truro, with daytime temperatures reaching a maximum of 62°f, and night-time temperatures reaching a low of 62°f (16°c/15°c).

23 AUGsunny
MAX 63° (17°c)
MIN 55° (12°c)
WIND 12mph (NW)
24 AUGsunny intervals
MAX 68° (20°c)
MIN 60° (15°c)
WIND 20mph (S)
25 AUGcloudy with light rain
MAX 73° (22°c)
MIN 60° (15°c)
WIND 23mph (S)
26 AUGsunny intervals
MAX 62° (16°c)
MIN 59° (15°c)
WIND 15mph (NW)

Traffic Bulletins on Radio

Traffic and travel bulletins may be broadcast live from local radio stations in the Polgigga area. Tune in your car radio to the following frequencies (or select the TRAFFIC function on your RDS radio (displayed as TA/TP/TI) to automatically switch to traffic updates.

101.5 FMClassic FM (Redruth)
102.8 FMPirate FM (Redruth)
103.5-104.9 FMBBC Radio nan Gaidheal (National)
103.5-104.9 FMBBC Radio Cymru (National)
103.9 FMRadio Cornwall (Redruth)
107.0 FMAtlantic FM (Redruth)
97.7-99.8BBC Radio 1
88.1-90.3BBC Radio 2
90.2-92.6BBC Radio 3
92.5-94.7BBC Radio Scotland
92.4-96.8BBC Radio Cymru

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