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Shell (UK) Ltd Petrol Station
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Contact Details

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Shell (UK) Ltd
Priory Bridge Road
South West

t: 01823 346030
f: 01823 346030

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Services Available

Shell (UK) Ltd Petrol Station

Shell (UK) Ltd petrol station is located in Taunton, Somerset, and sells all mail fuel types, including petrol and diesel, and is one of more than 8,500 petrol stations in the UK.

Shell (UK) Ltd may offer the following services in addition to vending fuel:

  • Shop and toilets
    Shell (UK) Ltd petrol station may or may not have toilet and convenience store facilities.
  • Self-service
    Customer operates the pump, and enters the store where they pay for their fuel.
  • Fuel attendant
    An attendant who operates the fuel pumps, although this is less common nowadays, and rarely available at petrol stations.
  • Chip and pin
    EMV smart card payment system for credit and debit cards, requiring a personal identification number rather than signature.
  • Pay at the pump
    This allows motorists to top up with fuel and pay using a credit card at the pump, rather than having to pay in the shop.
  • Car wash
    We are unable to verify whether Shell (UK) Ltd operates a car wash at their premises.