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Hanley Police Station

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Hanley Police Station
Bethesda Street
West Midlands

t: 0845-330 2010 (emergencies 999)
w: Unavailable

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Hanley Police Station operates across the county of Staffordshire in the West Midlands of the country. Their role is to prevent crime, to protect, help and reassure the community, to keep the Queen's peace, to prevent crime, to pursue and bring to justice those that break the law, and "to be seen to do all this with integrity, common sense and sound judgement".

To report a crime in the Stoke-on-Trent area always call 999 for emergencies, 101 or 0845-330 2010 (Hanley Police Station) for non-urgent enquiries. An emergency is considered to be when:

  • Someone is injured, being threatened, or is in danger
  • There is a risk of injury to someone, or a risk of serious damage to property
  • A crime is in progress, or you suspect a crime is in progress
  • There is a serious accident which needs immediate police attendance
  • Someone suspected of a crime is nearby

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